History of the Library

Lydia Olsson, the founder of our library, was great friends with school founder Clarence Cederquist. When Mr. Cederquist told Lydia that he wanted to found a primary school (that's what they used to call elementary school!), Lydia told him that he would need a library just for kids. Lydia was a librarian, so she told Mr. Cederquist that she could help him find all the right books that children wanted to read. Of course, there were no computers or e-readers then. They had only just invented the typewriter! So Lydia set out to find the best children's books around. When the school opened, Lydia had her own room (the same room the library is in today!) with 50 books. The new students were so excited to come to school and find lots of pretty books to read. Lydia was the librarian at Mr. Cederquist's school for many years, and she was always looking for new books to add to the library. When she retired, Mr. Cederquist decided to name the library after her.

This year, the Lydia Olsson Memorial Library celebrates its 100th birthday!! We now have 50,000 books, 15 computers, movies, CDs, e-readers, and much more! Just think of how happy Lydia would be if she walked into the library today! We will have a birthday party for Lydia on April 14, 2011 to celebrate our very first librarian. Also, we will have a party to celebrate the opening of the library on October 1, 2011. Please join us in celebrating 100 years of existence!

Learn more about Lydia Olsson here.

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