Recording Family Stories

Presentation Description

Relatives are a great source for family history. Preserve their stories and memories by recording an oral history with them. In this presentation, you will learn what an oral history is, how to record one, and why oral histories are an important way of documenting your family’s history.

This presentation is ideal for genealogists and family historians interested in recording oral histories with relatives. Learn oral history terminology, methods, best practices, and basic equipment, as well as how to record an oral history remotely.

If you are a historian or want to start a community history project, you may be interested in Recording Oral Histories, which is a version of this presentation geared toward recording oral histories for research and community projects.

Presentation Summary

    • Length: 60 minutes, including Q&A
    • Audience: Genealogists and family historians, educators, and students
    • Audience Level: Beginner to moderate
    • Resources: Handout