Wikipedia and Libraries: How to Get Involved

Presentation Description

Libraries and Wikipedia both believe information should be accessible to all. Libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions are full of knowledge and unique collections; Wikipedia has a global platform that consistently rates among the most popular websites in the world. Why not combine the two to make reliable and accurate information available to the broadest possible audience?

Put another way: “We’re doing the same thing, for the same reason, for the same people, in the same medium. Let’s do it together.” –Liam Wyatt, former Wikipedian-in-Residence for the British Museum

This presentation will introduce librarians and other cultural professionals to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects, how cultural institutions are already contributing to the sites, how your organization can get involved, and the benefits of working with Wikipedia.

Presentation Summary

    • Length: 60 minutes, including Q&A
    • Audience: Librarians and other cultural professionals, Wikipedians, educators, and students
    • Audience Level: Beginner to moderate
    • Resources: Handout